New UCI Continental team NIPPO-Provence-PTS Conti today reveals its jersey for the upcoming season

Jan 22, 2021

“We are excited to be able to present our new team and our new look” says Marcello Albasini, Team Manager. “Not only is the Ekoi kit functional and comfortable for our riders, it is also eye-catching and will be great to see at the front of the peloton.”

Behind the team but very much alongside them in terms of support and collaboration is a group of committed sponsors, headed up by Japanese construction company NIPPO.

NIPPO is proud to continue its strong association with the sport of cycling and we are looking forward to watching this team perform and grow throughout the season” added Hiroshi Daimon, NIPPO’s cycling representative.

The Provence group of sponsors includes businesses and institutions looking to participate in the support and development of cycling within the region and the promotion of tourism in general. Hence the team is currently participating in its first training camp in the enchanting setting of Cavalaire-sur-Mer in the department of Var in the South of France.

Dutch sports Staffing platform, ProTouchStaff BV, completes the naming sponsors of the team. “As we are also new on the scene it is a great opportunity for us to be involved in this international project, particularly as we will be operating not only in cycling but in all sports and all areas of the sports market”, says Louise Donald, CEO at ProTouchStaff. The ProTouchStaff App is scheduled to launch in February 2021.

Several other sponsors are contributing to the successful development of the team. “We are fortunate to have the backing of a number of dedicated and enthusiastic sponsors who are growing every day!”, added Marcello Albasini. “Their support is a great motivator for our young riders and the whole team.”

The team will participate in its first races at the beginning of February in Alanya, Turkey. A full list of current partners and sponsors can be found on our website

Team NIPPO-Provence-PTS Conti riders include:

BAZAYE Redae Tesfu, Ethiopia

BERHE Hagos Welay, Ethiopia

BÖGLI Jonathan, Switzerland

CHRISTEN Fabio, Switzerland

COUANON Jonathan, France

JENNI Luca, Schweiz

KNOTTEN Iver, Norway

KUHN Kevin, Schweiz

MAMYKIN Matvey, Russia

MEYER Robin, France

ODA Hijiri, Japan

TRACZ Szymon, Poland

Individual rider’s photos and the team jersey can be found here. All information and updates are always available at: